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The Pines Special School

Our Mission is to enable all children to develop communication skills which give access to life long learning in modern Britain.

The Pines is a primary special school with a Nursery class educating pupils with communication disorders and delays, mainly on the autism spectrum.  We value all children’s experiences and aim to build positively upon these.  This is the starting point from which to build the foundations of future learning, and the curriculum then takes the child forward.

The Pines is an inclusive school and we firmly believe that all pupils have an entitlement to the Foundation Stage and National Curriculum. We bias our work towards the acquisition of language and communication skills, and ensure that the curriculum is modified and presented in such a way as to make it accessible to all pupils. We build upon the pupils' success and encourage them to value their work and themselves by ensuring that all their achievements are rewarded.

Our teaching methods aim to address individual needs and abilities and provide a structure which ensures both personal development and academic progress. Alongside academic subjects we aim to encourage tolerance of diversity, consideration for others and the environment and the development of self-discipline and responsibility. 

A copy of the most recent Ofsted report and the DfE school performance website can be found using this link