In the Early Years pupils are taught primarily through focused play activities. One of these will regularly be based in the area of Language and Communication. In addition most pupils will have specific communication targets that will be worked towards throughout the school day. During the Reception year pupils are gradually introduced to aspects of the Literacy in the National Curriculum.

English is taught as a separate subject during Literacy lessons and as an integral part of all other subject lessons. Regular targets are set according to the needs of individual pupils. Pupils within a class with similar or identical targets may then be grouped accordingly. The targets set are carefully chosen to ensure that pupils succeed, therefore developing confidence and a positive attitude to work. During Literacy lessons pupils work towards individual or group targets in reading, writing, and speaking and listening whilst experiencing the full range of literature set out in the National Curriculum. Targets are also taken into account during the teaching of other subjects.

Our pupils have access to a range of different reading schemes as well as supplementary school based resources. These include:
• Dandelion readers
• All aboard
• Collins big cat
• Ginn 360

When our pupils are ready for the teaching of phonics we follow a structured phonics programme developed by Ruth Miskin called Read, Write Inc.

A great emphasis is placed on the development of communication throughout the entire school day. A range of additional systems is used at The Pines with those pupils who require extra support in learning to communicate. These include signs, symbols, and pictures and sometimes technological aids such as “Big Macs;” a simple switch that holds a recorded message. The use of these systems gives pupils a means of developing concepts, knowledge and understanding within the curriculum and then communicating their learning to others.