This week in the Forest, all our groups have been celebrating finishing their Forest School sessions. On Monday 2F roasted delicious Marshmallows over the fire to make S’mores. They learnt about the different types of fuel we use for the fire. Tinder, Kindling and Firewood. Everyone concentrated really well making sure their Marshmallows didn’t go into the fire and burn. 1R celebrated by cooking Hash Browns, Everyone sat beautifully in the fire area while they cooked.
On Tuesday 2B didn’t let the rain stop them, they cooked S’mores and Popcorn over the fire, they were able to remember the fire safety rules and how to do ‘Sticky elbows’. 1B and Caterpillars said goodbye to the Forest with a special Pine Cone burning ceremony. Everyone carefully placed a pine cone into the fire bowl saying ‘Thank you’ to the Forest, then we lit it and watched the flames dance and the smoke swirl around us. As well as all the campfire excitement we have been using the spelling stones, painting sunshine pictures and playing with all the rainwater we have had this week.