Mental Health Learning Mentor

Health and Wellbeing is key to supporting wider pupil wellbeing.

Our Evolve Health Mentor supports pupils with:

  • Individual Occupational Therapy Plans in delivering exercises and supporting their physical wellbeing.
  • Personal programmes and supporting sensory circuits across the school.
  • Support is also provided across the school in PE, supporting classes and staff.
  • Wellbeing check ins with pupils across the school.
  • Lunchtime and After-School clubs is a key area to engage pupils in extra activities to broaden their experiences of a range of skills including sports specific and non-sport based activities.
  • Playground support to engage pupils with activities and social opportunities outside of the classroom.
  • School Residential support (not sure if you want to include this – helping on residential visits).
  • Post-16 work with pupils from Year 10 to identify their interests and explore various post-16 options to support families in their decision making for colleges.