Parents / Carers Visiting

All parents/carers are invited to visit the school before any decision takes place regarding their child’s admission.

We ensure that there are regular opportunities for parents/carers and staff to meet and discuss their child’s education and development. There are three formal parents evenings each year. The first is in the Autumn Term for parents/carers to meet and talk with their child’s new teacher(s) and set Individual Pupil Portrait  targets, the others in the Spring and Summer terms when teachers can show parents/carers their child’s work, discuss progress and review Individual Pupil Plans. A further meeting to review IPP progress is held in school during early December. In addition to this, parents/carers are invited to school for their child’s Annual Review of their Statement of Special Educational Need. This involves a full discussion of their child’s education and development during the year.

The Pines School operates an open door policy, and welcomes parents/carers into the school either as visitors or as volunteers in the classrooms. If, however, parents/carers have a specific issue or concern to discuss with staff, we would ask you to telephone or send a note, or write to make a mutually convenient appointment, in order that we may ensure the appropriate person is available to meet with you. The school also has home school liaison staff who will visit parents/carers to discuss concerns in their own home.