What a week we have had in the Forest. Everybody has been cooking. On Monday 3M toasted Bread and Bagels to make a Forest Breakfast. They also made a BIG FOOT footprint on the ground and enjoyed swinging in the Hammocks. In the afternoon 3V baked bananas, everyone agreed they were delicious. On Tuesday 3L cooked a celebration breakfast of Cheese toasties, Hash Browns and Baked beans. It was a lovely way to celebrate the end of their sessions. 4A continued with the cheese Toastie theme enjoying theirs in the sunshine with a hot chocolate. On Wednesday Caterpillars made Magic May Day Toast. They carefully decorated their bread before toasting on the fire. Everyone thought it was really yummy. The lunch time clubs have filled the bird feeders, swung in the hammocks and made some May Day Happa Zome.