We have had lots of fun in the Forest this week. On Monday 4H had turns at using a Flint and Steel to make Dragons Breath (sparks).They then enjoyed some campfire toast and burnt the cardboard away to reveal their 3D wire art. 2P had fun making Pancakes in the Mud Kitchen and enjoyed decorating their pancakes with items found around the Forest.
On Tuesday the high winds reminded us of one of our Forest School Rules ‘Look after yourself’ so the Forest school activities had to be moved. This didn’t stop 2R …look at the concentration on their faces as they whittled wood using peelers, wrapped dough around the wood and baked Stone age bread. Everyone agreed it tasted wonderful. On Wednesday Caterpillars went on a Bear Hunt using the Binoculars they had made. They found Bears all around the Forest, even in the Hammocks.