It has been a busy start to half term in the Forest. On Monday 4H toasted vegan marshmallows to make delicious S’mores. Some of the class also made Fairy fires, using a Flint and Steel. In the afternoon 2P made some amazing tracks with the diggers, tyres and wheel barrows. On Tuesday it was 2R’s turn to have a campfire. They prepared their own Pizza’s then cooked them on the grill over the fire. Everyone agreed they were delicious. 2H also enjoyed their first campfire. All the adults were really pleased how they followed the fire safety rules and sat so well. Sadly on Wednesday the high winds meant that the Forest had to come to Caterpillars in-doors. This didn’t stop them having a great time printing with heart shaped laves to make green heart bunting to celebrate and support the Climate Coalition’s Green Heart Campaign.