As the different classes come towards the end of their 7 week Forest Sessions we have been using the campfire to do lots of cooking. On Monday 3M braved the rain and toasted Marshmallows to make delicious S’mores. They learnt about the different types of fuel we use to light the fire. Tinder, Kindling and Fire Wood. In the afternoon 3Z watched the campfire to see which colours the flames made. On Tuesday 3L toasted Marshmallows but also made some delicious Rosemary Syrup. They picked the Rosemary then added it to a pan with some water and a sprinkle of sugar. We then heated it for a few minutes. Everyone who tasted it, liked it! 4A made some magic toast using lots of colours they than sat and watched as the bread turned to toast before enjoying it with a hot chocolate. The lunch time clubs have loved the hammocks as always and today had a great game of ‘Hide and Seek’